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Several years ago, real estate brokers didn’t have the means and info the net now delivers for them, to talk to foreign real estate purchasers.

And another segment of the real estate niche more commonly overlooked is the international buyer.

international real estateAstounding to many is the fact that 10% of the total sales of real estate in the United States is linked to international clients. On top of that total sales stats in 2017 are exhibiting a trend worthy of your consideration in that they are escalating by nearly 50 percent each year adding up to more than $150 billion. All the stats in this article procured from NAR (National Association of Realtors) and are thought to be valid.

The fact that agents taking part in international buyer deals tend to return better commissions only increases the attraction of this sector of the market. Yet another factor here is the fact that lots of international investors are generally high net-worth people interested to increase their prosperity while making sensible investments outside their country of origin.

However adding the foreign investor to your arsenal isn’t going to be as easy as acquiring them will be difficult.

Attaining this part of the market though will require alleviating a few hurdles such as language and currency to name a few. Often though some foreign buyers are not likely to invest in to a country without some research and having procedures in place to reduce any language troubles.

Of all countries currently actively participating in the United States real estate market, China demonstrably rules and is accountable for over half of the whole international sales volume in the United States alone. All of this despite the many distinctions in society, language and trading standards.

Right now you may be thinking about how to tap this highly lucrative segment of the real estate marketplace.

CPROP’s end-to-end electronic exchange administration suite was created to promote real estate agents to foreign prospects and encourage them to securely and close deals with full transparency.

The company applies blockchain to confirm and record activities involving deeds and closing documentation. It additionally plans to formulate a solid, user vetted specialized network by providing its utility tokens to buyers and sellers who will also leave scores and reviews of the broker, agent or agency they employ on the program.

Fundamentally it uses technology to enhance the sales process of agencies, from the start of a deal to conclusion.” states Robert of Galvan Real Estate Services in Nayarit Mexico.


Let’s present a couple of methods any realtors could hedge in to this market sector.

Work With A Trustworthy International System

Breaking in on the international real estate market is not really simple for real estate professionals who may have not entered here before. Don’t go getting all dollars signs in your eyes rather than completely searching where on the internet these communities may exist. Once you’ve located them you will have to hedge in and gain trust within the international real estate trader community.

Yet another thing you are going to want to keep an eye out for is segments of the net with service providers that also supports automatic translations.

Think Reliability And Stability

Language hurdles ought to be expected and dealt with in order to have any international real estate transaction end without having complications including deception.

Planning is key to successful international real estate offers and incorporated in preparing you have to think trust and security.

Technology shifts at an astonishing speed and these days block chain technological advances has came into the mix and everlastingly transformed the manner by which realtors conduct business on the internet. When a contract is concluded and carried through, it can be registered to the blockchain, making an immutable allotted ledger validated by a system of possibly thousands of computer systems, therefore effectively controlling any undetected adjustments to a contract.

Block chain technology is also beneficial to the investor by providing a protected reliable way to store finances in escrow.” states Alejandro Elliott of CRREC, a Costa Rican real estate company.

Locate Accountable, Effective Cooperation

Every single realtor appreciates, even concluding regional transactions are often a challenge, although when you venture in to the foreign real estate buyer/seller market, this is definitely even moreso true.

Are you aware of your transactions state in real time, what is left to complete and who should next do what in the process?

Contemplate this though, as an agent working in global transactions, wouldn’t it be good to have a SaaS program that managed all the digital elements from start to finish for any sort of international real estate transaction? Transactional openness throughout any real estate transaction is essential however partner that with a technology that can streamline your flow like verifying security, would eternally change the sector.

4 Tips For Renting Out Your Home

4 Tips For Renting Out Your Home

If you have a property, you can think of renting it out to generate a regular monthly income. Buying home is a good investment. Apart from the home you live in, you can buy another property to rent it out and make money from it.

Here are some tips for renting your home.

Prepare your home

Your home must be clean and well furnished if you want to attract tenants. You should fix the various problems in your house like plumbing, electrical, etc. You should spend some money on refurbishing the house if it’s in a bad condition. You will get a better return from it in the long run.

Set a competitive price

You must set up a competitive price for your house. You should study the market, especially the houses in your neighborhood. The tenants are very smart today. They will shop around and then make their decision. So, if your house is overpriced, it will be difficult to get a suitable tenant.

Screen out tenants

Getting a good tenant for your house is important. That way your house will remain in a good condition. You should check the tenant’s credit score, employment history, criminal record, etc. to make sure that the tenant is financially stable to pay your rent every month and that he or she is not a criminal. You should know how many people are going to live in the house, whether the person is married or not, whether there are children or pets, etc.

Hire a professional

You should hire a real estate agent to help you in renting out your home. They know the housing laws and they can help you in collecting rent, doing the regular maintenance, negotiating deals with the tenants, advertising your home when it’s empty, etc.

It is vital that you get a good tenant for your home. A bad tenant can destroy your home and leave without paying the rent properly. A real estate agent performs all sorts of background checks on the prospective tenants. So, it is safe to get tenants through a real estate agent.

4 Reasons You Should Lease Property For Your Business

4 Reasons You Should Lease Property For Your Business

When you think of starting a business, one of the first decisions you have to make is buying or leasing the office space. If it’s a new business then leasing the property is better for the following reasons.

Save money

Unlike buying a property, you won’t need to pay the downpayment in this case. You can instead use this money as your working capital or as an investment in your business.

No tax

You won’t have to pay any tax on your property if you lease it. But if you buy the property, you will have to pay tax at the end of the year. So, you will reduce your expense by leasing the property.

No maintenance

The landlord is responsible for the major repair and maintenance work of your office. You are only required to clean it on a daily basis and do the minor repairs. So, end up saving a lot of money. There is no extra hassle as well.


Once you buy a property, you get tied up. In case you need to shift your office to somewhere else or shift to a smaller space, you can’t do that quickly. You will need time to sell the property before you can move elsewhere. On the other hand, if you lease the property for a year or so, you can easily move after the lease period.

When you start a new business, there are lots of costs involved. By leasing the property you will be able to save money. Once you have an established business, you can think of buying your own office space.

5 Tips For Financing Your First Home

5 Tips For Financing Your First Home

Buying your first home can be very exciting. It is a major milestone in your life. But unless you are well prepared for it, the journey can be rough. Here are some tips for financing your first home.

Go to a credit counselor

A credit counselor will help you to set a budget for your home. He or she will be able to sit with you and analyze your financial condition to find out how much you will be able to afford. You will also get to learn about different loan options.

Credit score

Your credit score should be really good in order to secure a loan. You should maintain good credit score before applying for a loan. A score of 720 and above is a healthy credit score. You can discuss with your credit agency how to improve your credit score.

Get documents ready

In order to apply for a loan, you will need to show proof of your employment. You will need to give bank statements as well. You should also be ready to provide any other documents as demanded by the lender.


You can apply for a mortgage. If your credit score is good, you will be able to get a low-interest rate. You should shop around before deciding on a mortgage.

Home loan

There are banks and other financial organizations that provide home loans. You should visit them and find out their interest rates and how much down payment you will need to give. Some homebuilders can also give you a loan.

It is now more difficult to buy a house than it was before.Young people are most of the time under student loan and they struggle with their credit history to secure a loan. You should talk to an expert before buying your first house.